Drive position tire. Excellent mileage, Optimised adherence for diversified conditions

Excellent mileage
• New rubber compound for reduced tread wear rate
• Directional tread design allows for more regular wear, even with increased braking

OptimiZed adherence for diversified conditions
• High density of lateral grooves help provide excellent traction in all weather conditions. 
• Bridged center block design helps improve tread stability.
• Specially designed sipes to minimize stone retention.


Please download XDE 2 tire leaflet below:

Size & Details Position Application
11.00 R 20 XDE2+ PR16 MI drive Regional
305/70 R 19.5 XDE2+ TL 147/145M MI drive Regional
305/70R19.5 XDE2+ TL 147/145M VG MI drive Regional
275/80 R 22.5 XDE2+ TL 149/146L MI drive Regional
315/80 R 22.5 XDE2+ TL 156/150L MI drive Regional
305/70R22.5 XDE2+ TL 152/148L VG MI drive Regional
315/80 R 22.5 XDE2+ TL 156/151L MI drive Regional